Art by me.


Here you will find a collection of shrines to my fandoms, my digital art, as well as some digital planning freebies and other free digital materials. As a teen, I used to spend hours on Neopets and Gaia Online.
I learned how to code websites through Neopets. This site is a tribute to those fun and carefree times.
I also would like to bring back the passion I had for my former hobbies such as writing and coding websites.


Nickname: Beannie
Likes: Digital art, origami, collecting dolls, anime, coding, video games, writing fanfiction, streaming(?)
Dislikes: Lizards

Current Stuff

Watching: Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon
Playing: Genshin Impact and Final Fantasy X
Reading: Beyond the Story - 10-Year Record of BTS
Listening to: Chikai - Utada Hikaru
Favorite: Tighnari


July 16, 2023 - Changed the theme a bit (again). I might write fanfiction again just to try out the dream novel code that I've been using.
I'm also going to work on my fanart page because I've made quite a number of Tighnari fanart.

May 6, 2023 - Changed the theme (again). I ran out of ideas for the banner so I just put my rushed painting of Kaveh on top of this container and called it a day.
I also added something inspired by the KPOP bias sorter from Tumblr. It's a sorter for Genshin Impact characters using the tall male 3D model.